Un grand voyage…

As a student of the French language and a lover of music, the realisation of the great benefit to bringing the two together was a fulfilling moment.  This blog is my chance to share my findings with whoever will listen.  It is fair to say that my most listened to genre is folk…so let that be a warning…although if any piece of music grabs my attention and makes me smile, I will share it.

The first French song I listened to, learnt all the lyrics, and greatly enjoyed was the classic “La vie en rose” – However!  The song that I listened to over and over again whilst learning was a cover by an American duo – Pomplamoose.  Consisting of the very talented and creative Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.

Here’s the link to their “La vie en rose” avec paroles (with lyrics):

and here is a link to their website…


Ok, so they aren’t French, and all their other songs are in English, but I think they are pretty fun!

As my posts grow I hope to write a little more in French every time, although I am greatly intimidated by this – and my attempts will be atrocious!

Bonne écoute!

KimiSu 🙂

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